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    Welcome to our Book Reviews Forums!


    Only pre-approved registered book reviewers can post on the Book Reviews Forum. To become a book reviewer, your bookclub must be listed on our website and updated regularly.


    Book Reviewers:

    In the same section where you login, you will notice links, such as “view your profile.” Please click on these and familiarize yourself with our forum.

    Only the Publisher can start a new topic which will be a book ready for review. When you see a book you would like to review, please indicate your willingness to review this book by replying. The first person to indicate interest will receive the book by snail mail, a free book in return for a review. You will receive confirmation once the book has been mailed from our office.

    For a Book Review:

    We have finally enlarged our mandate to review books for a small fee. The reviewer is not part of our staff, nor a free-lancer, but from one of our registered bookclubs!

    We ask the person who would like to submit a book for review to send us an email to the following,  without the spaces and the appropriate substitutions for the “at” and “dot” symbols. <books at canadianbookclubs dot com>. Place in the subject field “Book Submission”

    If your review application is approve, we will email a mailing address where the book can be sent, along with a small fee. The fee is revised over time to manage and slow final review submissions.

    Please be aware that we receive numerous requests. Email response is slow. Hopefully, your submission will be in the right place at the right time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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