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    Book Synopsis

    The mystical movement of energy – Feng Shui. A house carries energy from the land, the architect, the builder and everyone who worked on it or lives in it, and every ‘thing’ inside it. Mallory Wilkins has worked in the design/build industry for over 20 years. She has written and taught numerous Feng Shui and Design seminars & workshops where Traditional Feng Shui applications are combined with design elements and have been presented in this new look and an ancient art of living in harmony with the environment. Learn the secrets and mysteries of how our lives, our homes and the environment impact our moods, our health and lifestyle. Add positive energy to your home, your work, relationships, finances with Fun Schway, the North American way.

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    Ok, I am still interested in writing a review for the above mentioned book.

    I hadn’t realized there was such a long time line process here.

    Any other books on a spiritual/mystical/religious or metaphysical subjects please feel free to recommend.

    Best Regards,

    C.A. Morris


    Fun Schway the North American Way by Mallory Neeve Wilkins – shows the reader that not only can you infuse your house with positive energy but also your health, relationships and general sense of wellbeing. As someone who had limited knowledge of Feng Shui, I was intrigued by the multi-faceted methods to clear negative energy and infuse positive energy and balance into everyday life.

    I was specifically interested in knowing that everyone has their best locations or directions for maximum flowing of positive energy, combined with specific colors, elements and shapes to enhance any space that you occupy.

    Her many stories and anecdotes give the reader insight into to the practice of Feng Shui showing us the positive effects for success and happiness that are possible.

    The book is straight forward and easy to understand with a light-hearted approach that immediately makes the reader feel comfortable when exploring the world of energy. Mallory Neeve Wilkins shows us that immediate and affordable changes can be made to home or office to enhance balance and harmony in our life.

    Enjoyable and satisfyingly interesting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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