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    For men , women, singles, couples. I’m looking for about 10-15 avid readers, group details to be determined later, but my suggestions for group framework: socialize, discuss the book, socialize some more, pick next one, socialize some more.

    To be organized likely via private group on Facebook ( I say this so that the email traffic is limited as I get dozens of emails a day already).

    Book choice rotates to different person each month, with the other members choosing from a selection presented;Meeting places can include a quiet restaurant, park, private home (most likely when the group is established).;

    Cover price of books $20 or less, published within 4 or 5 years, Bestsellers, prize winners, historical fiction, non-fiction, or revisit some classics (ie, Steinbeck, Hemingway,).Perhaps there is a play happening nearby about a book? Great, lets skip the book and go to the play instead.

    Frequency -Once a month, but not July, August & December; because everyone has things to do in the summer, and Christmas is right out.

    Age limit 20+, although if you read, then it really doesn’t matter (FYI – I am in my 50’s and active)

    So,any takers on this one? If you are interested, what types of things do you read? how many books a month would you normally read? Of the 9 months that we would be getting together, how many do you think you would likely attend?

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