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    Kate xxx

    I am searching for good book to read and I was wondering if anyone could help me. My favourite books are the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling and the Twlight series by Stephanie Meyer. The qualities I look for in a good book are:


    -admirable main character that you can relate to (preferably 16-18 years of age, maybe a girl)

    -romance and love



    -page turner


    -preferably a series

    -makes you laugh

    -makes you cry

    -well thought out plot


    -where everything adds up in the end like a jigsaw

    -a good twist

    -longish book

    -update to date/modern



    -good guys and bad guys

    I know I am being very specific but I would really appreciate any suggestions- especially if you think it is better than Harry Potter!!!


    Better than Harry Potter? J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” ;)



    Hello, Kate. Try Steven King’s “IT”. The book satisfies all your preferences except for one: it is not a book series… however, the novel is over 1,000 pages long, so lots of nights of good, scary reading! The following is list of comments by “IT” readers from


    Hi! My name is Andre Beaulne. What are you reading this summer? I live in Ottawa and I have just published my first novel. It is a historical time travel story called “Russian Time Warp.” Year 1718! Please visit my web site to read my first chapter.


    Hello, my name is Denice. I’ve self published Vol I, THE JOURNEY and VOL II, SWEET INTERLUDE from the Encounters of Short Arisings Trilogy.

    The story is about love, loss, mystery, and hope. In the end, each character will have found a way to exist in your reality and will have touched a chord in your heart.

    You may obtain copies at or


    Denice your book sounds great!!


    i like books on gangs and this one i read years ago called “underboss” by peter maas was really good. it’s about john gotti’s second-in-command sammy the bull gravano. it isn’t really ups and downs sort of reading but it does have the bad guys….lots of them.

    a really good page turner i currently downloaded and am reading is “daaku” by ranj dhaliwal. this book made me cry in the first chapter and then a few chapters in i was hysterically laughing. it has its good guys and bad guys as well. really good book on a kid growing up and becoming a gangster. i picked it up on ibooks


    U can try to find something in this free library

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