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    We used this book in my book club and couldn’t find any discussion questions online. So, I made up my own, just wanted to share them with others.


    1) How did you feel when you discovered that the cats were depicted as the “disabled” of their species?

    2) What do you think Sheri Tepper was trying to say about people in general when she depicted the adults as having the repeated recipelike conversations with each other?

    3) What do you think would change humankind if we had a racial memory?

    4) Margaret breaks off into 7 different personalities, a warrior, a healer, a telepath, a spy, a shaman and a queen and a linguist. What personality traits that all humans are capable of possessing is Sheri Tepper trying to show in these personalities?

    5) Do you feel it was necessary for the character of Naumi to be male? If so, why and if not why would it have been better to be a female? What benefit was there in exploring the character in a male identity?

    6) Which if any of the personalities do you feel was the strongest or most important and why?

    7) The book talks about population problems on the earth that are very real today and discussed ways in which to remedy the problem including forced sterilization. Discuss this and the implications of it.

    8) Discuss the effect of being the only child on an entire planet and how it might impact the development of that human being in terms of their psyche?

    By: Ginnine Robertson

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