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    Welcome to our new forums!

    When you register on the bottom left, a password will be sent to the email address you supplied. That email cannot be viewed by anyone. Any additional information you supply in registration will be available for viewing in your profile. Once registered you can change your profile at any time.

    In the same section where you registered and will login, you will notice links, such as “view your profile.” Please click on these and familiarize yourself with our forums.

    To start a new thread or topic, click on the Add New link in the “Latest Discussions” section.

    Advantage to Starting a New Topic:

    You Topic Heading will show up in Latest Discussions!

    Disadvantage to Replying to an Existing Topic:

    If your reply has no relevance to an existing topic, it will not feature prominence in “Latest Discussions”. But please feel free to reply to an existing topic , if it is relevant to the existing topic.

    When you start a new topic, you will notice at the bottom an empty field that asks for a Tag. A Tag is one word that will help someone find your post quickly. Put something in there relevant to your post.

    You can track any thread of special interest by using “favorites” in your profile or through our rss feed, which displays content from our forum.

    This forum is protected from spam. But even so, nothing is 100% spam proof. If you view what you believe to be spam, please email us.

    And if you view a post that you believe to be abusive, please email us too.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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