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    I was looking around the web for a decent book the read and I found this really funny book that drops on some modern influences. The book was serious yet HILARIOUS at the same time. I would definitely recommend it to a friend!!!! Enjoy my fellow book readers!

    I suggest(summary below):

    The Tales of The Chosen By Matthew Faulkner


    It was a tough time to be alive in the world. The world had grown so intellectually advanced that children were required to commit years, even decades of their lives to their fields of study. It was not like the simple times of the past where peace and harmony were secured. Political greed and corruption surrounded the world like the air we breathe. In these “institutions of learning” secret mind controlling classes were taught to “The Chosen” or more commonly referred to today as “Students”. Not all individuals reacted to these evil teachings. Revolts would commonly spring up but were quickly silenced…except for the ‘Muffins’.
    The Muffins played as fools pretending to bend to the will of the Institutions of Learning, but in the shadows of the night carried out their plans. Not much was known about the Muffins except that their actions spontaneously changed the world forever. This story has been past down from generation to generation by word of mouth and writings but no one is sure if these events truly happened or just a mere fictional tale whispered about through the halls of the world.

    Genre: Mystery,Supspense,Action,Drama,Syfy
    ISBN: 978-0-615-77858-7

    Here is where I got the book:

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