Of Asian Descent in an English World

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My name is Thomas and I have decided to start a book club dedicated to Asian-Canadian and Asian American literature. My book club's tentative name is "Of Asian Descent in an English World." Through reading, I hope to explore ideas about Cultural Identity, the Immigrant Experience and Second Generation Asian-North Americans, and other related topics to these complex issues. I feel that a book club like this could produce a variety of opinions and perspectives and heated debates about how Asians feel and how they portray themselves in English society.

My own ideas about book selections and how the club would be run are very primitive and are open to change by input from members. An example of a novel that could be read is Native Speaker by Chang-Rae Lee and an example of a non-fiction book is The Chinese In America by Iris Chang.

I am looking for about 4-9 members and we would meet somewhere in downtown Toronto, Ontario. My desire is to explore all the literature that is significant to Asian-Canadians, especially in Toronto.

If you are interested in joining me and contributing to such a group, please email me.

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