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Moosomin is a Saskatchewan prairie town with a population of about 2,500. When I moved here, strangely enough, I was unable to settle into reading a book for about a year. Once that period passed, I decided to start a book club. It all began with a trip, book in hand, to my dentist. We spoke about what we were reading and I mentioned the book club I had enjoyed before moving. Based on his interest, I did a bit of advertising and in time ended up with some readers at my door.

During that first gathering in January, 1999, we set up a few general guidelines, established a monthly meeting time, listed everyone's suggestions of titles that we might want to read, and selected our book for the next two months from that list.

We seem to refer to ourselves as just, "The Book Club", as we haven't hear of another such group in our town. Our eight members are of diverse backgrounds and ages. But from my point of view, the fact that two of our members are men adds an interesting dimension, my previous experience having been with an all female club.

It is obvious that we are all very pleased to meet with others who are interested in discussing what we read. We all have a copy of "Some Typical Discussion Questions" taken from this web site which we think will be very helpful.

In our reading list, you will find a review of In the Skin of the Lion written by one of our members who was unable to attend the discussion of that book.

Book List

She's Come Undone Wally Lamb (March `00)

Larry's Party Carol Shields (February `00)

City of Joy Dominique Lapierre (January `00)

Love of a Good Woman Alice Monro (November `99)

Fall on Your Knees A.M. McDonald (October `99)

Angela's Ashes Frank McCourt (September `99)

Barney's Version Mordicai Richler (August `99)

The Two Headed Calf Sandra Birdsell (May `99)

Cold Mountain Charles Frazier (April `99)

In the Skin of the Lion Michael Ondaatje (March `99)

Garden of Eden by Sharon Butala (February `99)

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