Do's and Don'ts

Most book clubs tend to read fiction rather than non-fiction. Be very cautious in selecting a non-fiction book. Most book clubs discover that there can not be much discussion about facts.

Book clubs members should be cautious about the number of people admitted into the group. Too large of a group can make some individuals refrain from offering their opinions. Or a couple of individuals may dominate the discussion, intimidating other group members.

Have one person keep historical records of books read, and also books suggested and who suggested them.

Make sure everyone participates in the discussion. If a question is asked, everyone should contribute in the round robin. If you see someone being left out, prompt her for her opinion.

Keep notes while reading...and not just when you are the leader. It helps to deepen discussion if specific passages can be read.

Even if you dislike the book do not blame the person who suggested it. Your dislike of the book will enliven discussion. Build your reasons and enjoy that intense interaction with other club members who love the book. After the discussion, you may discover an appreciation for the book that you never had before.

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